is an architectural practice founded in 2009 by Dmitry Zhuikov (M.Arch DIA HS Anhalt) and Arina Agieieva (M.Arch DIA HS Anhalt).
The studio deals with architecture and urbanism always making a special point of looking for new approaches. 
In our work we do not adhere to some predetermined aesthetics. Rather we follow a comprehensive philosophic
approach, which, nevertheless, contains a certain emotional component. The aim of this method is to create 
specific design which would be the synthesis of project assignments, context, functions and other determining factors.
In our understanding, a project is successful when due to our creative effort it finally finds itself and is able to keep
pace with the time.

Our publications:

project  "Mars"-  2013   Dezeen «Elsewhere» (book, Paris), 
L’Obs,  gizmag

project "Voomy" - 2012 DETAIL, «Large Scale Office Design 
 IV » (book, Artpower)

project Heart  2012-, The Telegraph,  Die WeltS7

project Chernobyl  2011 
  "Asahi Shimbun"

Archidea # 6, 2010, Kiev, Ukraine 

ACC, 2007, Kiev, Ukraine 

Salon Interior # 1, 2006, Moscow, Russia 

Participants in competitions, exibitions and conferences: 

- MoMa, New York, 
Cut ’n’ Paste exibition , July 10, 2013–December 01, 2013 project  "HEART"

Fuga gallery, Budapest, Hungary,  performance-driven architecture   project “Mars colonization” 
 04.2013 - 05.2013   

AZURE AZ Awards of Merit: A+ Student Work   project Off grid 05.2013
- Participation in an international festival FLORENCE FESTIVAL 2012, Florence, Italy 2012
  2nd place in the DEGREE & PROFESSION - VIRTUAL EXPO Florence, Italy 2012

- 5th place at the international competition Marriott room 2012 in Berlin, Germany 2011

- 6th place in the international competition "H2Overhaul" Berlin, Germany 2011

- video presentation of "HILL BOXES" won first prize in"Best film design (professional) at the international festival
  DA! Fest 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia

-1st place and juri avard in the internation competitions Marriott Restaurant Transformer

-1st place in the international competition Marriott Blank Canvas, jovoto in 2011 in Berlin 

-Prize Hill boxes INTER'YEAR 2011 Kiev, Ukraine

-Seoul Design Fair 2010, Seoul, Korea

-Environmental housing for everyone, 2010, Kiev, Ukraine 

-Canactions 2010, Kiev, Ukraine 

-Architecture Award, 2005, Moscow, Russia 

-Vodoparad, 2005, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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