status: concept
location: Algarve, Portugal
function: viewing point, visitors center
architects:  Arina Agieieva, Dmitry Zhuikov
year: 2016

The starting point of this project is a nature of the perception.
Being on the vast open space brings excess of impressions, so it is hard to perceive certain details and evaluate their beauty.
That is why it is important to set in a frame defined viewpoints in order to enhance their perception. The project focuses on its magnificent
surrounding and intensifies it. Internal space formed by «frames» oriented toward important landmarks and viewpoints (Fortaleza de Belixe,
Fortaleza de Sagres,Ocean, Farol Cabo de São Vicente). In between there is a central space. Moving from one view to another one visitors
are able to perceive the landscape and think about their impressions. Central space is a platform for the collective events, meetings, excursions,
while adjacent frames with panoramic windows provide the room for the individual experiences, contemplation, thinking, admiration.
Outside branch-like shape of the plan forms variety of niche, where visitors can stay alone with nature, here they are protected from the wind
and can enjoy the views.
Object also allowes acces to the roof enabling 360-degrees view.The wavy shape of the roof can be used as natural landscape to sit, lie or
walk on it.
The complexity of the form sets a dialog with fragmented forms of neighboring old Lighthouse and Forts. It is a dialog with the
local architecture.





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