summer house
name: standing box
customer:  Baum
location: Kiev Region
function: country house
program: 40 sq.m.
architect: Dmitry Zhuikov
3D visualization: Dmitry Zhuikov
year: 2010

Commissioned by Baum construction company, the project aims to design a standard summer cottage, suitable for small-scale
construction, supposedly, in Kyiv region. The design of the cottage reflects some of the most striking features of this type of
houses in Ukraine, such as the necessity of home burglary protection, negligent attitude to or sheer absence of landscaping,
the very fact that the house is almost never used in other seasons rather than in summer.
From the outside the house creates an impression of a closed and well-protected place, whereas inside it is cozy and efficient.
The main volume of the house is raised from the ground level and contains loggia, kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms
in the mezzanine above the kitchen. 
The parking space, the terrace and the summer kitchen are all located below. One part of the main volume which goes down to
the ground level accommodates a staircase and a pantry.
The house has only two openings on the second floor. The loggia is closed by means of a sliding shutter, while the second opening
(the kitchen window) is closed with the help of a protective roller shutter. The interior design follows the general principles of summer
house organization. It is cozy and comfortable to live in.










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