white interior
name: white
сlient: private
location: Kharkov, Ukraine
function: apartment
program: 41 sq.m.
architect: Dmitry Zhuikov
year: 2008
This studio apartment located in a newly-built house in the downtown of Kharkov initially had a good layout (with an almost square
floor-plan). However, it was divided by some partition walls into four small and inconvenient 
rooms, namely, a hall, a kitchen, a bathroom
and a living room. The interior design project suggests the following 
solutions: removal of all the partition walls and creating a clear common
space with a kitchenette and a hall area. 
The bathroom is the only room which remains separated from the rest of the apartment. All the
furniture consists 
of two large blocs - a kitchen set, and an island made up by a double-sided cabinet, where one side opens into the hallway
and is used for keeping outdoor clothes, shoes and small items, and the other side opens into the 
living space and is used for keeping other
clothes, books, etc.
The cabinet separates and unites both spaces – the hall and the room – at the same time. All the walls are painted 
white, the floor made of the Carpathian spruce. The partition wall between the kitchen and the bathroom has a round window with satin
glass, which provides comfortable lighting. In general, the interior is bright, cozy and comfortable for living.





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