msp office
name: msp
location: Kharkov, Ukraine
status: completed 
function: Office
program: 54 sq.m.
designers: Dmitry Zhuikov, Arina Ageeva
year: 2010
The house, where the law company has its office, dates back to the early 20th century and is located in the vicinity
of Netechenska embankment. We have suggested an interior design solution for its representational part, namely,
the reception, the waiting area, and two private meeting rooms.
Many of our design ideas were prompted by the building itself. Thus, the office has a big depth but the natural light
only comes from a number of small windows on one side of the building, overlooking a rather neglected street.
Therefore, the partition walls between the meeting rooms are made entirely of glass in order to give them more light.
At the same time, the glass is covered with a pattern featuring tree branches, which makes the atmosphere more
private and conducive to business conversations. Semi-transparent curtains on the windows serve as a screen
hiding the unpleasant view of the street. However, the walls and the ceiling are all white in order to have more
reflected light. The reception desk, which “grows” from the floor, and the floor itself are clad with slate.



msp офис office интерьер interior

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