Mars Lava Tube Pressurization Project

ZAarchitects is an advisory board member of 4th Planet Logistics. 4th Planet
Logistics creates and tests various habitats from naturally occurring terrestrial
lava tubes analogous to the Moon and Mars. The advantage of this approach
is that it reduces the amount of construction materials required to be placed in
orbit and then relocated on a lunar and/ormartian surface. Currently, 4th Planet
Logistics’ objective is an evaluation of the practicality of pressurizing terrestrial
lava tubes directly by creating atmospheric barriers that utilize the  lava tube’s
naturally occurring regime as a primary or secondary structural shell. This approach
will involve the use of 3D printable, locally derived, geological materials and
complementary robotic assembly techniques.

Mars Lava Tube Pressurization Project (MLTPP)

 The Mars Lava Tube Pressurization Project’s (MLTPP) efforts approaches the
establishment of base facilities on the Moon and Mars via naturally occurring
lava tubes to serve as habitable zones for human exploration and settlement.
By providing a naturally occurring means of protecting inhabitants
from dangerous levels of radiation and undesirables; lava tubes also offer
future explorers a way togreatly reduce the time, resources and effort needed
to initially construct safe and practical habitat and other pressurized support
facilities such as greenhouses and maintenance enclosures. 
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