el center
name: EL-Center
location: Kharkov, Ukraine
function: public, shopping and office complex
program: 75,0000 sq.  m
architect: Dmitry Zhuikov
3D visualization: Dmitry Zhuikov
year: 2007

Although the plot is located in the direct vicinity of the city center and close to the major transport node (the central railway
station), the district in question is quite run-down. This neighbourhood is made up primarily of abandoned industrial complexes
and slums stretching along the railways.
The project’s ambition is to give a new lease on life to one of these complexes. The complex is made up of six multi-storeyed
buildings from reinforced concrete, located along one line at regular intervals. 
As a design solution we suggest demolishing one of the buildings and connecting the rest by means of one common volume.
On the one side of the plot, the new volume serves as a visual and noise buffer from the railroad, and on the other side it marks
a borderline between the plot and the wasteland. Thus, it forms a perimeter of the inner public square saturated with a variety
of functions, which is the central core of the whole complex.
One of the oldest buildings of the former grain elevator is a high eclectic tower. Preserved as a detached structure with an
ornamental function, it is turned into a hotel. The new complex will provide public, entertainment, retail and office facilities.
We believe the suggested design proposal is a positive contribution to the urban structure and design of the area.
Hereby we present our preliminary design solution and 3D visualization






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