food and energy
name:  food and energy
status:  concept
location:  Frankfurt am Main, Germany
function:  production, public, recreation
program:  87 000 sq.m.
architectural design: Dmytro Zhuikov, Arina Agieieva
professor: Joris Fach
year:  2013

Suggested design claims to brake increasing gap between productions facilities and consumers of its products. Program aim is to elaborate
new deploy of industrial, public, leisure, commercial and agricultural functions  as a new sustainable approach to urban planning. Philosophy
of exposed energy and food production considered as a beautiful, rather than utilitarian gives a chance to bring these functions into city again.
Melted with common city facilities they give a new value to the environment.     
Project site is  Ost district, in Frankfurt am Main. It is former industrial area, where new commercial functions promptly squeeze out old industrial
facilities. There are vast underused areas, and evident shortage of leisure facilities. 

Project solution is to establish self-sufficient restaurant, which can supply itself with food cultivated in the adjacent agricultural urban park
and with energy. For source of energy is used pyrolysis 
gasification powerplant with cogeneration microturbine  on the willow wood. It is
environmentally clean, 
although consumes significant amount of firewood. To achieve required 111 382 kW/h there is 8.7 ha of willow
field needed. Solution is a chain of the willow parks in the abandoned areas of Franfurt Ost. It will serve for area gentrification, Green Belt
connection, and powerplant feeding. Each park interconnected to urban 
tissue and has its own unique feature, as basketball field,
pedestrian fountain, etc. Peculiar feature of 
parks will be constant changes of the trees, as a result of 4-year growing cycle. 

Greenhouse restaurant located on the nothern bank of the North Channel closer to public facilities, 
powerplant confronts restaurant on the
south bank, which is an industrial area. Its both connected with p
edestrian bridge.

The restaurant has 50 seats. Menu based on the traditional German cuisine, with exception of the meat products (To avoid complicated
processes). Part of the provision must be fresh all year round, that caused 
appearance of a greenhouse. Size of the greenhouse is much
bigger than restaurant, therefore latter is placed insise the greenhouse to save on heating and to place visitors into the weightless
environment full of plants and sun light. Greenhouse is opened to the south and closed to the north and north-west. Terraced floor inside
forms a southern slope, integrated with identical park terraces through the transparent eastern wall. Through terraces with growing plants
winds curved path - restaurant's guest area. Under the terraces on the ground floor there are kitchen and technical facilities. The outer
greenhouse shell is a system of the windows controlled with climatecontrol system.
Public powerplant
Considering urban conditions drawback of the energy production with this technology is vast space reqired to store firewood, feeding includes
daily work of the tractor. To save space it is proposed to create vertical 
storage, which is well-connected with the public observation staircase,
decks and smoke stack. Basement 
single-storey block house powerplant room with machinery, and other technical facilities. Above this block
sits storage-observation tower and bridge deck, latter connects tower to the park routes. while visitors climb up they observe energy production
- from willow fields far below, to willow bales 
stored in the tower.

project area: north channel, osthafen, frankfurt ost

analysis and calculations

urban analysis left to right: functional zones, underused areas, traffic streams, catering

area calculation for the energy park, based on the total annual electricity consumption calculation 


willow parks network

network fragment

year-by-year park trees changes  

joint masterplan: greenhouse-restaurant, agricultural park, public powerplant 


greenhouse-restaurant: plan of the main and basement floor

greenhouse-restaurant: anatomy

greenhouse-restaurant: model

public powerplant

object functions

energy production stages in the pyrolysis gasification line on willow wood with cogeneration gas microturbine

public powerplant: plan of the basement floor with back yard

public powerplant: anatomy

public powerplant: facade

public powerplant: model






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