eco park
name: еcological рark
location: Ukraine, novoazovsk region
function: park, museum, hotel, spa, trade
program: 9538 sq.m.
architect: Arina Ageeva
3D visualization: Arina Ageeva
3D animation: Arina Ageeva
year: 2010
Consultants: Konstantin Bondarenko, Oleg Drozdov, Dmitry Zhuikov


The suggested park is primarily designed as an exhibition space, where nature is the main showpiece. Visitors can look at it from
different angles without touching it. Like any other exhibition space it should form a continuous loop so that visitors do not have to “go back”,
but have the possibility to admire exhibits from ever new perspective.

The spit is the territory of wild nature and enjoys the abundance of sun, wind and water. Thus, while staying in this place, one can be
exposed to every possible natural element: earth, water, fire, and wind. The spit turns out to be a point where all these elements come
together in the constant state of action and counteraction

The onlooker watches the nature in two different aspects:
- Micro (the landscape is considered as a whole)
- Macro (details come to the foreground)4

Way back shaped ramp going down to 3 m. The return journey - it is the contemplation of a micro nature. He
is tortuous and runs through thickets of reeds, a variety of beaches where nesting gulls, so we look at her hair with
all storon.flory and fauna we observe the micro-nature.
Visitors enter the park through the public building which houses retail, entertainment, service and accommodation facilities. In front of it there is
a parking lot. The public center comprises the following features:
-      retail spaces for rent
-      café
-      office
-      spa
-      museum
-      hotel rooms
Walking through the portal, one gets into the open courtyard which serves as a venue for various events and public activities, such as the “show” of
elements with the installation of fire, water, wind and earth.
Here various cafes and shops are located as well. Then, visitors can climb to the second floor and get acquainted with the local museum.  Here is
the starting point of the fascinating journey through the park, which can be done on foot or by bike. The path is formed by a direct line in
contrast to the curving coastline. The line is 1 km long and is equipped with service points (WC, vending machines selling water)
and sunshades. 
Walking along the direct line “there” one can experience nature from the macro perspective, while on the way “back” one can
admire the nature from the micro perspective. The way back is organized via a ramp going 3 m down. It’s a winding path
through the reed thicket and a variety of beaches where seagulls have their nesting places. Thus, visitors can have a look at the
spit from different sides.
Having come to the initial point, visitors can undertake another exciting journey through trenches and pits that abound in various
species of plants and animals.

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