reasonable price house
name: reasonable price house
client: miregionstroy 
location: Ukraine 
function:  a single-family house
program: 140 sq.m. 
architect: Dmitry Zhuikov 
3D rendering: Dmitry Zhuikov
year: 2009

the aim of the project:
The projects aims at creating a single-family house which could become a nice alternative for those who are thinking of buying
an apartment (90-140 sq m), a small private house or a secondary-market house.

the philosophy of the project:
In terms of volume and layout, our design solutions in this project are supposed to strike a reasonable balance between the
price and the quality. This was made possible due to a number of decisions:
- rejecting expensive and complicated construction technologies;
- using innovative construction technology “monopor” (cast-in-situ porous concrete);
- reducing the number of premises to comfortable minimum;
- energy-saving technologies;
- reinvesting the saved money into comfort technologies.








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